Green Roof Terminology

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This article has been written to clarify the many different terms associated with green roofs. Biodiverse Roof A Biodiverse roof is designed to support many different wildlife species on the roof. Biodiversity The existence of a wide variety of plant and animal species in their natural environments, which is the aim of conservationists concerned about… Read more »

Green Roof Types Explained

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I often see tender packages and Q37 documents that describe different roof types. This is a bit of a grey area and this scientific based article taken from Dr Chloe Molineux’s thesis will explain the different types of roof. Extensive green roofs Extensive green roofs are the most common and can be categorized into two… Read more »

Plants We Typically Use

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Here is a list of some of the plants we use at eco green roofs. We can use any plants but these are often a popular choice Sedums We usually have between 8-15 species of sedum in our carbon neutrally produced Sedum Blankets and plug plants. We pick the most robust types to ensure they… Read more »