Sky News Series the Lab features Eco Green Roofs

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sky news

Eco Green roofs features on Naomi Kerbel’s Series the lab on Sky News. Director Dr Chloe Molinuex and James Edwards were interviewed check out the link to see the full article.

More On Maintenance

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Green Roofs Maintenance Procedure This Set of procedures is a guide explaining the maintenance necessary to keep a green roof how it was initially designed. An Eco green roof is designed to meet the specific clients requirements for any project and will provide a long-term solution with a vary of habitats at roof level. With… Read more »

A Brief Biography on Dr Chloe Molineux Green Roof Ecologist

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Using recycled secondary materials for effective green roof substrate Dr. Chloe Molineux ( My PhD research was to look at the properties of different green roof substrates and determine how effective they were as growing media. This involved looking at the key components of the substrates and the effect of varying depth on plant growth and… Read more »

Marble Arch House

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Marble Arch House Eco Green roofs installed the new green roofs at Marble arch house, London. The building comprised of 9 roofs areas with specific planting schemes on each. The specification was very vague and wouldn’t have supported the vegetation required for Breeam ratings. We had to increase the substrate depth and also include more… Read more »