An Overview of Dr Chloe Molineux Green Roof Research

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Green roofs are simply rooftops (usually flat) that have been vegetated with plant species. There are three types of green roof: intensive, semi-intensive and extensive. They are categorized as such because generally, they serve different purposes in the urban environment and are constructed in very different ways. Green roofs were originally designed for environmental and… Read more »

Our Services

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We offer a range of services heres a shortlist   green roof design green roof consultation green roof installation green roof supply

Sedum Roofs

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Sedum roofs Sedum roofs are the most common and popular types of green roofs. Eco Green Roofs grow our Sedum in numerous places across the U.K. but can also provide Sedum from the continent. Sedum roofs are the most popular for a number of reasons: – Sedum green roofs are the lightest type of green roof… Read more »

Bio diverse / Brown Roofs

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Bio diverse or Brown roofs are becoming ever popular in London and surrounding cities across the UK. Because they are a new roof type people often confuse what a bio diverse or brown roof is and also what it’s primary function is. Brown roofs have been created to best replicate habitats where a lot of… Read more »

Eco Green Roofs complete BSKYB’s new Head offices

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BSKYB HEAD OFFICE Eco green roofs have just competed the semi-intensive roof on BSKYB head offices. The roof consists of 450m2 wildflower and shrubs. There was a mixture of 20 different native wildflowers suitable for a green roof. The green roof growing medium was 200mm deep and this was to offset some of the buildings… Read more »

Green Roof Installation

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Green Roof installation guide At Eco green roofs we provide a complete installation of green roof systems, we work with roofing contractors on a daily basis and have grown our teams to over 12 teams on the road working everyday. All of our green roof installers are trained to work on roofs and understand the… Read more »