We work on every stage of your project. Find out how we do it.

How we do it

Helping get your project off the ground

1. The Consultation

We discuss and work with the client to ensure they get exactly what they want/need from their roof. Every client has their own individual requirements that the green roof must be tailored to; these could be to create a biodiverse habitat, create outside space, to aid a successful planning application or simply for aesthetic beauty.

2. The Design

With the information we receive from our initial consultation we can create a design to meet the clients’ specification. We can inlcude specific features to accommodate existing roof structures such as air-conditioning units, walkways or skylights. Our unique, bespoke service ensures that all our green roofs exceed expectations.

3. The Plants

Our Sedum has been grown carbon neutrally on the coast where the sea air and wind has helped build the plants resilience to tough conditions. Our blankets contain over 12 species of Sedum which flower at different times throughout the year, creating a variety of beautiful colours. The blankets come in rolls, like grass turf, which are easy to lay and provide an ‘instant green effect’.

4. The Installation

Our Approved installation teams are trained and experienced in installing the Eco Green Roof System. Our system is of top quality and should only be installed by our approved teams to ensure the highest standards.

5. The Aftercare

Once your roof has been installed the aftercare is essential to ensure you have a sustainable roof that lasts. With every roof we provide an information pack which contains aftercare advice & a selection of aftercare packages to help keep your green roof looking good for many years to come.

Please be assured at any stage after completing the installation we will always be on hand to offer our support. Contact us for more information on our green roof guarantee*, maintenance and aftercare packages.

*Guarantee subject to selected aftercare packages.