Elephant and Castle Regeneration

Elephant and Castle Green Roofs

Eco green roofs have just completed the first phase of the Elephant and Castle Regeneration. The huge scheme is being built over the course of over ten years and the first phase Trafalgar place is just being finished. Eco green roofs installed a series of roofs over a number of different buildings on the development.

Their were two green roof specifications used the first was standard sedum blanket roofs,these were used in the more shaded areas and eco green roofs successfully installed over 400m2 of sedum blanket. the sedum blanket specification was different to a usual sedum specification because the blanket was laid on 120mm of substrate as opposed to the optimum 60mm in most of our standard sedum blanket green roof systems. The reason for the 120mm of substrate was to account for extra storm water runoff, by using the sedum roof you can calculate for more water retention in the storm water calculations which allows a reduction in the size of a storm water tank. So the sedum green roof can be a cost effective way to reduce your storm water tank size.

The other specification was a specially grown wildflower blanket that contained an array of Wildflowers native to the area. The naive plants have become vital in green roof design to try and best replicate the previous wildlife on the site. Buy using native plants we have created an effective nectar source at roof level to support the bees, butterflies and other rare invertebrates creating a stepping stone for wildlife across a grey city scape. Eco green roofs were proud to be involved with such a fantastic project which will reform and rejuvenate elephant and castle.