Lyric Theatre Green Roof

Eco Green Roofs undertook the Lyric Theatre with Prater for MACE. The Lyric Theatre was to under go a huge renovation and adding a green roof was part of the scheme.

The Green Roof was specified for Sedum plug plant green roof with a growing medium depth of 80mm, drainage layers and root barrier. Eco green roofs worked well with prater in a project that was logistically challenging. Because the green roof was to be delivered to the busy Hammersmith high street, we could only deliver in small rigid vehicles between 6-8 am after this time no crane lifts form the road were allowed due to health and safety. Our operations team liaised well with the MACE site team to aid a smooth installation of the green roofs.

Overall we sent 12 lorries over the course of two weeks and the installation was staged over the course of 3 months when areas became available. As you can see the project was a great success!