NEC Resort World – Birmingham

This £150m integrated leisure and entertainment complex will open this year. It will be the biggest leisure and entertainment destination in the UK and the whole of Western Europe. There will be 12 restaurant units – including five directly next to the lake, the 1,500-seat cinema, an Asian-themed Spa, gym with 15-metre pool, and the hotel with 170 four-star rooms and five five-star suites. There will also be a Champagne bar, sky bar and sports bar with 14 screens. Eco Green Roofs are proud to be involved in the living roof finishes on this prestigious project. Eco Green Roofs used their EGR Sedum Blanket System, which included:

– Eco Green Roofs Drainage Board
– Eco Green Roofs Filter Fleece
– Eco Green Roofs Growing Medium designed by Dr Chloe Molineux
– Eco Green Roofs pre grown Sedum Blankets
– Eco Green Roofs Aluminum Slotted Trim

The site needed to be planned carefully as the crane only had restrictive use. We needed to use small bags of growing medium to transport the materials from one side of the roof to the other. This meant more manpower and at times an extra senior Eco Green Roofs manager was used to ensure materials were successfully transported to designated areas without any problems. For obvious reasons this was a large logistical challenge that Eco green Roofs were more than equipped to handle. Paving slab walkways were put into place and this meant transportation of materials had to be weight sensitive. Once the entire growing medium was in place and raked flat on top of Eco Green Roofs drainage layers the sedum was laid. At the time of year, install of the Eco Green Roof Sedum Blanket System required to be initially watered in to give the sedum well needed moisture. Our sedum blankets have been grown for a minimum of 12 months and have at least 8 different species on each blanket. The sedum varieties are carefully chosen as they historically have the best performance at roof level. Eco Green Roofs finished the edges off with bespoke slotted aluminum trim. This gives a neat edge whilst allowing water to run through the slots.

Overall everyone involved in the green roof project are extremely happy with the results. Eco Green Roofs are glad to see green roofs expanding to other parts of UK and are proud that our system was selected for such a highly regarded project.