Queen Victoria Street


This 2000m2 green roof is in the heart of the city of London right by Cannon Street Station. The roof is a refurbished building that required a green roof to offset some of the water storage tank requirements. The Sedum roof offset 40% of the storm water calculations and also benefits rare wildlife being used as a stepping stone by many bird species, rare invertebrates and bees.

The sedum roof was installed in July and after a month was in full bloom. Eco green roofs were pivotal in the designing and sequencing for this installation because of the difficulties logistically and requirements required. After initially looking we came up with the scheme, which works in accordance with the ecology report for the building.

Sedum roofs can be a real benefit even though the plants aren’t native species, a sedum blanket roof has 8-12 species that flower at different times throughout the ear creating a great nectar source for wildlife.