Richmond Park


The brand new Richmond Park golf course clubhouse, built in the famous Royal Richmond Park, was specified to have a beautiful green roof to ensure it blended into its magnificent surroundings and limit the impact on the protected local wildlife. Eco Green Roofs Ltd. undertook this prestigious green roof project, producing a spectacular acid grassland roof using turf grown from within the park itself.

Eco Green Roofs was asked to trial a range of new green roof substrates (soils) that would be suitable for the acid grassland covering. Generally, substrates are alkaline not acidic in nature, therefore expertise in this field was provided by Eco Green Roofs’ in-house ecologist, Dr. Chloe Molineux. She holds a Ph.D in green roof substrate design and conducted a range of tests using the Richmond Park turf and specially formulated substrate blends in order to provide the project with the most successful specification possible.

The result is a superb semi-intensive green roof that makes the clubhouse disappear into the park and provides the building with many economical and ecological benefits, including: storm water attenuation, heat and sound insulation and habitat for many plants, invertebrates and birds.


It’s been over a year since we opened the doors to our new clubhouse at

Richmond Park Golf Course.  I thought I’d drop you a line to give you an

update on the green roof, as it was such a unique and significant part of the

construction project.  I am pleased to say that 18 months later and the green roof

is in excellent condition, with the native acid grassland happily thriving

in its new home.  It’s a genuine talking point for many of our customers and

both Glendale and The Royal Parks are delighted with the finished product,

which really echoes the rich biodiversity at Richmond Park.

Best regards

Jon Dummett

General Manager

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