Health and Safety

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Eco green roofs are proud to announce the latest round of SSSTS certifications for all of its installers. All Team members are SSSTS trained and our supervisors are SMSTS trained. We have also completed harness training for all of our team keeping us ahead of our competition.

RIBA Approved Specifications

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.   Eco Green Roofs have just been RIBA approved and our specifications are generated by NBS Plus. Being third party approved helps to keep our green roof systems at the forefront of quality and development.

Be-aware of the Rogues and Cowboys!!

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This News post is to make you aware of the potential problems with green roofs and the best way to void them and a failed green roof project. We decided to give some unbiased advice because we don’t want anybody getting caught out by the cowboys of the world! When first designing your green roof… Read more »

Sample Q37’s

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Q37 Extensive Green Roof Roof Type : Eco Green Roof Wildflower Plug Plant roof System -Substrate: Root – resistant waterproofing or aluminium (by others) -Slope: 0-8 Degrees Waterproofing: As J41 Thermal Insulation: as J41 Protection: Root resistant waterproofing (by others) Moisture contril layers: -Eco 300mm Moisture Retention/protection Mat as clause 340 -Eco Drainage/Retention Layer as clause… Read more »

Sedum Roofs

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Sedum roofs Sedum roofs are the most common and popular types of green roofs. Eco Green Roofs grow our Sedum in numerous places across the U.K. but can also provide Sedum from the continent. Sedum roofs are the most popular for a number of reasons: – Sedum green roofs are the lightest type of green roof… Read more »