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Green Roof Questions


What is a green roof?

A green roof basically is a roof that has been planted. The green roof does have to be designed to support the vegetation, but that is our job!

What is an extensive green roof?

Extensive green roofs are the most common type of green roof. This is because they are low maintenance, lightweight and act as a habitat to many different species of wildlife.

What is a brown roof?

A brown roof is a roof that isn’t planted or seeded. It is left to naturally colonize They will often have undulations in the substrate to support different plant species.

Solar or Green roofs?

Why not both green roofs help solar panels to work at their most efficient rate. Because green roofs keep the roof temperature down ,making a solar panel work to its maximum in the height of summer.

How can a green roof enhance planning consent form?

Green roofs are considered a great way to enhance your planning permission because they are effectively replacing what you are building on with a suitable habitat for wildlife, but also they blend in without creating an eyesore.

Does a green roof affect the waterproofing?

Only in a good way. You could save money on re-roofing because a green roof, can treble the life of a waterproof membrane by protecting it from UV-rays and Ice.

Where do I start with my very own green roof?

The first thing you need to consider is the amount of weight you roof can hold. Then look at vegetation.

What should I do to maximise my BREEAM rating?

It is recommended that a BREEAM-certified Ecological consultant, accustomed to formulating roof planting strategies, is employed at specification stage Dr Chloe Molineux or our horticultural team can help you with this.

Will an Eco Green roof provide habitats for wildlife?

Yes it will green roofs are an ideal haven for wildlife creating a stepping stone in urban environments.

Whats the steepest pitch for a green roof?

Our green roofs can be designed to hold p to 35 degrees. Over 15 degrees we may look at installing retention materials to help stabilize the green roof system.

Can I walk across the green roof?

For maintenance purposes you can walk across the roof but is not suggested to be highly trafficked.

Why do I want a green roof?

Firstly green roofs offer fantastic aesthetic value, they are beautiful to look at but also very modern and trendy. Buy installing a green roof you are offering a habitat to many rare bugs, insects and invertebrates., also by having a green roof you are creating an enhanced insulation to your property which works extremely well in summer to cool your building. See benefits to see more reasons for a green roof.

Does a green roof need an irrigation system built in?

For an extensive green roof (sedum, wildflower and brown roofs), irrigation to saturation is required for the initial establishment of the green roof. This is because the roots haven’t taken to the substrate and can dry out fairly quickly. After few weeks the roots would have taken and the roof should be self-sustaining in most cases. If installed in the summer months, the watering in may be needed more frequently Usually Roof gardens will require a permanent irrigation system.

What is in a typical green roof system?

A green roof system usually consists Drainage board, filter fleece, green roof substrate and vegetation.

When should you install a green roof?

Green roofs can be installed at any time of the year but frost will stop the vegetation layer being installed.

What will contain my green roof?

If your building has an upstand already in place this will contain the green roof. If not we use a slotted aluminium edge to contain the green roof. We also use a cobbled edge usually as a firebreak in the green roof system

Does a green roof firebreak work like a French drain?

Yes your green roof fiebreak workd like a french drain and it ensures that drainage points do not become clogged up. usually you require 300mm-500mm perimeter firebreak to each green roof system

Will weeds grow in my green roof?

If you weed your green roof a couple of times a year you will keep weeds at bay. However some weeds will cultivate over time and need removing from your green roof system.

Questions About Us


Do you offer guarantees on you green roof systems?

Yes if a maintenance contract is taken we will offer a guarantee on a green roof system

How easy are you green roof packs to put together?

Our green roof packs are very easy to install they have an instruction pack but the layers just fit onto one another.

Why Eco Green Roofs?

Eco green roofs are a specialist green roof company that has been built around scientific research. Our technical director is the leading researcher in Europe around green roof substrates. This research proves our system is backed up by proven science.

Do you grow your own green roof plants?

Yes we grow our own sedum with our nursery team that have been growing plants for over 25 years!

Are Eco Green roofs a contractor or a supplier?

We are a supplier with a network of green roof teams that undertake all of our works. Our teams have to be trained to keep a high level of service and quality of install.

Do you do bespoke green roof projects?

We are always looking at bespoking our systems to suit each individual’s specific project.

Do you cover domestic green roof installations?

Yes our main aim is to green as many roofs as possible no matter the size!

How do you get the growing medium onto a roof?

This all depends on the size of the green roof. A large roof tonne bags can be lifted onto the roof by crane. For smaller jobs or limited access 25 litres sacks can be carried onto he roof.

Can Eco green roofs maintain my green roof?

Yes by all means we can. We have a range of maintenance packages available. Please call us for further information.

Do you carry out on existing green roofs?

We often have to come and carry out remedial work. Because of the way the industry is there are not many truly professional companies out there.

Have you got an installation guide?

Yes we have a guide to help you install your green roof just email us and we will send it out for you.