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Maintenance Schedule for Bio Diverse Roofs

December 5, 2013

Bio Diverse Green Roofs Maintenance Procedure

This Set of procedures is a guide explaining the maintenance necessary to keep a bio diverse roof how it was initially designed.

An Eco green roofs bio diverse roof is designed to meet the specific clients reuirements for any project and will provide a long-term solution with a vary of habitats at roof level. With some basic maintenance the roof will continue to deliver the environmental benefits it was intended for.

Most bio diverse roofs contain a plant community with a variety of native species to meet the planning and building code requirements. Some however can be desingned to meet an aesthetic design criteria.

General Maintenance

The plant selection on this project includes a species mix that will provide a balanced plant community on the roof, this will require basic maintenance if this is to be sustained in the long term.

Bio diverse is best carried out annualy, during springtime and in late autumn. Monitoring the effect of leaf litter to the vegetation is important, it can be seen to add to the bio diversity but it may need to be removed if it is effecting the plant life.

The following procedures should be carried out to ensure the roof is well maintainded and to protect any guarantees.


Specifically designed bio diverse areas should be disturbed as little as possible whilst any maintenance is carried out. This is to try and not upset any of the micro-habitats that may have colonised on the roof.

Preliminary Maintenance:

  • Ensure Safe access can be gained on the roof and that all of the relevant health an safety procedures are followed.
  • Eco Green Roofs Recommends removal of leaf litter that has fallen from any surrounding trees both spring and autumn. This is to stop the leaves smothering the vegetation.
  • To remove excess bio mass strim down any dead vegetation then this should be removed and disposed of at ground level.
  • Ensure all outlets are unblocked and the roof is able to drain freely
  • Check all trims are fixed securely and safely
  • Ensure any new items of plant or machinery have a necessary fire break between them and the vegetation
  • Any damage made to the vegetation or green roof system Eco green roofs should be contacted immedialty

Maintenance on the vegetation and Green Roof system.

  • Remove any unwanted vegetation that may have enroached the drainage outlets, walkways or Fire breaks.
  • If any movement or settlement to the fire/ vegetation break has occurred simply top up these areas with more pebbles.
  • Remove any tree saplings
  • Bio-diverse green roofs are generally left to naturally take their own course. If there are certain plant types that are un-desirable these can also be removed.
  • Fertiliser can be added if there has been a lot of rain because this may wash some nutrients out of the substrate