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Marble Arch House

January 22, 2014


Marble Arch House

Eco Green roofs installed the new green roofs at Marble arch house, London. The building comprised of 9 roofs areas with specific planting schemes on each.

The specification was very vague and wouldn’t have supported the vegetation required for Breeam ratings. We had to increase the substrate depth and also include more native species with higher ecological values to maximize the Rating. We also had to change the green roof growing medium from a generic mix to a bespoke design to help support the plug plants.

On the lower floor terraces the green roof had to hit a certain Breeam ratings, whilst the plants had to be suitable for shady environment, but also being on the office balconies the green roofs had to look aesthetically pleasing. 34 UK Grown native wildflower species were included at a rate of 20 plug plants per meter square in these areas creating a space of striking colour contrasts and beauty.

On the next three floors a mix of Sedum plug plants was used on the green roofs we had a requirement of 14 Sedum species in these areas, that were planted at a rate of 20 plugs per meter square.

The top levels had a mixture of 38 species of wildflowers to create a bio diverse haven for rare invertebrates.

A slotted green roof trim was used around the roof edges to create sharp clean lines, in-keeping with the building contemporary design As you can see from the pictures, the roof looks stunning and is now up for a series of awards.