Sedum Roofs

January 12, 2015

Sedum roofs

Sedum roofs are the most common and popular types of green roofs. Eco Green Roofs grow our Sedum in numerous places across the U.K. but can also provide Sedum from the continent. Sedum roofs are the most popular for a number of reasons: –

  • Sedum green roofs are the lightest type of green roof on the market.
  • Sedum blankets have that instant greening effect so often desired by our clients and the plants on a roll make installation quick and easy.
  • Sedum plants are alpines, their natural habitat is challenging with extreme weather conditions over the course of a year. Using these types of plants on green roofs means that the vegetation is resilient to similarly harsh environments.
  • Sedum roofs are easy to maintain because the growing substrate depth is kept shallow, preventing many other plant species from invading/becoming established. Generally, any unwanted plants that have managed to encroach can easily be removed with bi-annual weeding.
  • After establishment, Sedum green roofs should not require any further irrigation (except in extreme periods of drought).
  • Sedum green roofs can hold up to 87% of rainfall and slowly release the water back into the drainage system; taking the pressure off city’s drainage systems.
  • Sedum green roofs look fantastic, they achieve full coverage and the right species blends will flower throughout the year with colour interests including pinks, yellows, whites, greens and reds.

Our most popular type of Sedum roof is the Sedum blanket roof rich with 8-12 species per meter square, we also offer more cost effective solutions with plug-planted Sedum roofs, cuttings Sedum roof or seeded Sedum roofs.

A typical Sedum green roof is constructed in the following way:

  • Drainage board
  • Filter fleece
  • Growing Medium
  • Sedum blankets/plug-plants/cuttings/seeds

Because a flat roof is designed to shed excess water from a roof as quickly as possible, the conditions are far more extreme than those at ground level. The Sedum blankets we provide have been pre-grown for over a year to ensure strong plant roots that are well established and ready for the tough conditions at roof level. Many Sedum farms grow their Sedum under poly tunnels to speed up the growing process, this does not prepare the plants for the shock of the extreme conditions on rooftops and can cause the failure of the system.