November 7 2014

UN World Summit on Sustainable Development (2002) – Significant reduction in rate of biodiversity loss by 2010

Habitats Directive – 92/43/EEC – To ensure the restoration / maintenance of natural habitats

Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (Bonn Convention / CMS – To conserve / restore habitats where migratory wild species live).

DEFRA (2002) A Biodiversity Strategy for England – Develop Action Plans relevant to urban areas that facilitate:

  • HABITATS: Lowland heaths; Wood pastures; Parklands
  • SPECIES: stag beetle, song thrush & bats

Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife & Natural Habitats – 82/72/EEC – To protect 500+ plants and 1,000+ animal species

Green roofs create habitats for rare invertebrates and insects. Birds use the roofs as a stepping-stone for birds across built – up cities. There have been huge ranges of species of plants and, bees and invertebrates found on green roofs.

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