November 7 2014

Sustainable Urban Drainage

DEFRA (2008) Government Strategy for Water (Vision 2030) – Land increasingly flexibly managed for flood storage.

DEFRA (2008) Government Strategy for Water (Vision 2030) – Large majority of water bodies having good ecological & chemical status and Healthy rivers, lakes, estuaries, coasts & groundwaters.

UK Framework Indicators – Indicator 31 – reduce no. of properties at risk of flooding
EU Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC – All surface water and groundwater to be classified as “good status” by 2015.

DEFRA (2002) A Biodiversity Strategy for England – Biological quality of rivers in England (Indicator H7) Nutrient levels in rivers & lakes (W5).

Green roofs hold up to 87% of rainwater and slowly release the water back into the drainage systems. Slowing down the rate the drains are getting filled takes a great pressure of the drainage systems. A green roof also filters harmful chemicals from rainwater.
The UK pays out £1.9 billion a year to fix properties effected by floods.

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